Fundraising Events

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Already Enjoyed

2014 Stratford Run

Over 100 friends and supporters attended the fifth edition of Strides, and the first in Stratford. The run snaked through our beautiful town and it showed itself off on a lovely early summer day. The event included a bouncy castle, food and the good spirits of dozens of volunteer helpers. Afterwards, dozens of people joined us for a barbeque. Thanks to the generosity of attendees, over $30,000 were raised, and those funds went directly to Sanfillipo research.

Sophie even made the front page of the local newspaper!



Many thanks to those that attended, especially those that packed up their families and drove across the province to participate.


October 2012 – Strides For Sophie Run V2

Over 70 people came out to raise money for Strides and to support finding a cure. Despite an unseasonable downpour (which came down as if launched from firehose!), it was clear that nobody’s spirits were broken. Another record event that included participants from around the world with one common goal. It was a remarkable way for everyone to catch up with old friends and support a great cause. Watch The YouTube Video

Pop & NanaOctober 2011 – Strides For Sophie Run V2
Over 70 friends and supporters came to the second run and helped raise over $80,000. Everyone endured the blustery weather to make it across the line, but the warmth of the yellow and black bee costumes kept everyone’s spirits high. Strides was the 3rd best fundraiser per capita out of several hundred groups, which is a tribute to our supporters. Everyone joined together for a well-earned lunch and drinks afterwards- it was fun, and your participation helped make us move Sanfillipo research forward yet again.



October 2010 & 2011 – Lynton’s Ride for Strides

It takes a big man to gather enough steam to ride over 200 kilometers, and an even bigger man to do it to support a charity event on the other side of the globe. Lynton Head’s contagious enthusiasm convinced dozens of friends and colleagues to support him in his quest to help fund Sanfilippo research. Saddle sores were a small price to pay for the impact that our Australian friends made. Thank you mates.




September 26, 2010 – Toronto, ON

Held only months after learning of Sophie’s diagnosis, our first ever Charity run brought together 78 Striders, 23 of which completed the 1/2 marathon (many for their 1st time!). On the 5K team, 55 Striders ran or walked the streets of Toronto,
festooned in bee regalia, and joined together in the quest for a treatment or cure. Behind each one of you was a team of supporters across the country (and beyond) that pledged money for Hope.




September 2010 – Navan, ON
Sandy Tremblay is Sophie’s Great Aunt, and has seen a few sweeties in her time. Heading up Children’s Village at Navan, she has given hundreds of kids a positive start to their school experience. Her love of children made her immediately think of ways to support Strides for Sophie, and together with her team and the entire school, held a bake sale in September 2010 with all of the proceeds donated to Strides for Sophie. Their kindness, generosity and hard work have given us all a sugar high that has yet to subside.


August 25, 2010 – Toronto, ONFancyInCity
A special night of Charity and Chocolate! This wonderful evening escapade included guest speakers, drinks and appetizers with women of Fancy who bid on wonderful things from cameras, to gourmet kitchenware, to personalized home decor consulting, and one-on-one make-up sessions. Over $6,500 was raised during the evening – a special thanks to everyone who was involved!


September 2010 – Navan, ONRetirementSale
Held in honour of a special Great Niece, Lynn & Martin Haaima joined forces with their family to host a charity garage sale as our first official “Strides for Sophie” fundraiser! From early morning friends and neighbours gathered to take home a special find and contribute towards research. Thanks to everyone in Renfrew who came out in support.